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    WE are happy you have found your way to our little humble shop. Each of these items you see here have been hand-crafted and designed by us. Love, smile and pain is the bond of SheDazzles that is made by the goldenly touch of an ARCHITECT, engineered multimedia motion by a design ENGINEER and together with the injections of never-ending supports of a DENTIST.Do check back from time to time for more unique designs & be sure to like our fanpage at SheDazzles if you get a chance!
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                                                                AR001 J  STARLIGHT CANDY
    Price : RM 28
     Availability : Sold
    Length : 17 cm
    Materials :  Silver plated chain, toggle clasp, lightweight metal charms, natural stones, organic shell beads, stars charms, lightweight star charms

    When I was having a slice of carrot cake, I fleetly finding a pure enamour with the art of decorating cakes. Just as the plain smooth icing cake, it bliss with the chocolate toppings with syrup caramels and some sort of pinkie candy. And just like a sweet plain lady, you must keep sassy and sensational. Get our “Starlight Candy”, where it changes plain you in a blink of eye! Special mix and match with gorgeous color love and roll in hay.

    AR002 J SKY HIGH
     Price : RM 28
    Availability : Sold 
    Length : 17 cm
    Materials : Silver and gun metal plated chain, toggle clasp, natural stones, organic shellbeads, metal beads, sugar faux pearls, cats eye beads, flower enamel charms      
    Sun is orange, sky is blue. Be graceful as the mist in the morning, always looking good. You absolutely want people to reckon about what you wear or how good you look even when you don't look that great? Be fashionista, a woman who has found her own individual style and knows how to mix it with what's trendy at the moment. Feel the adventurous being fashionable and fly up up up to the sky with our “Sky High”. Go for it...limitless sky; as high as it is wide. 
     Price : RM34
    Availability : Sold     Length: 17 cm
    Materials : Silver and gun metal plated chain, toggle clasp, natural stones, metal beads, flower lampwork, cats eye beads, metal charms of grapes and keys  
    -->My sister’s wedding is coming soon, yet my mother hasn’t decided the theme colour yet. Please the white, disregard black, close the eyes to cream, we are at the final stage of pink or orange for the invitation card. Nothing in the vein of a sweet card in the mail to cheer someone up or just to send a smile. Consciously, not only we adore photographs that portray orange and pink, but our daily lives revolve more or less the beauty of these two colors, the hearty and lively colors’    
     Price : RM 30
    Availability : 1 Available       Length : 17 cm
    Materials : Silver plated chain, toggle clasp, natural stones, organic shell beads, , cats eye beads, stars metal charms      
    Sun, beach, cliffs and beech wood – always enough to make the beautiful island appealing and graciously living up to the mission. Sooth your sense with golden seas, blue skies, never-ending sunshine, pristine beaches and swaying palms. Our “Island in the sun” is richly chosen to enhance an exotic view that captivates the soul.   
     Price : RM 28
    Availability : Sold      Length : 17 cm
    Materials : Silver plated chain, toggle clasp, natural stones, organic shell beads, metal beads, flower lampwork, metal butterfly connector, metal charms      
    -->It just at the borderline, I have traveled around the earth, I have sailed the seven seas, and I have crossed the universe and flew off to the other galaxies. Make this a new beginning of another life. So this is it...I represent to you  ...”Meet   me Halfway”...Where the end of the hopeless. Together enjoy the meeting of the emotions on the line with different chain and passions. Live up the energy with color.       

     Price : RM 20
    Availability : Available      Length : 17.5 cm
    Materials : Metal butterfly connector, toggle clasp, natural stones, organic shell beads, cats eye beads, flower lampwork, metal charms        
    -->A heart is more than pumping blood, it emotes, feels and expresses. A promise is now kept as it is the key to the world of silence where the heart things feel what the eyes cannot see, and knows what the mind cannot understand. The hanging key is an inspiring reminder of her place in his heart that keeps you warmth with love wherever you go. We’ll give you a “Key to Your Heart”.   

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    To design & To Create

    "The design is only the beginning. It is the final technical steps of the craftsmanship that truly unveils the essence of the design."

    This blog is dedicated for my passion to design & create ART JEWELRY. What started as a fascination with colour turned into an excitable obsession and addiction. Drawn heavily upon modern arts, particularly ARCHITECTURE of colours, textures & shapes - the work of SheDazzles strives to address true beauty, femininity, sensual WORKS OF ART.

    It is not just a piece of decoration that we wear everyday, but also a piece of art that is inspired by our nature & lives.


    This hobby blog is dedicated to my Mama who has been the most supportive person more than I can ever imagine.

    "My mother is the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my Momma. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her. "