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    Handmade vs Homemade

    “Don’t be a slave to language, be an ambassador of intention.”

    I have always love going to arts and crafts bazaars and festivals. I really adore the products that these people are making. Most of them are bloggers having their own online shops. The reason I’m writing this topic is that I find it very irritating on the first place when each time I went to these kinds of festivals or bazaars, almost all of the sellers would enhance that their products are handmade, including jewelries, felt items, keychains, papercrafts, etc. The way they enhanced the word ‘handmade’ was very annoying to me at first because I thought, how could anyone be so dumb to judge a product that is obviously made by hands and not by machines. Not that its not pretty, in fact it was very gorgeous and intriguing, but the idea of promoting it kinda make me feel like cant they be more creative in promoting their stuffs because it is very obvious that it is handmade, so really you don’t have to promote the word handmade that often. But that’s just my opinion, no offence to anyone.   

    So I did my own research. Wordnetweb defines handmade as items that are entirely made or prepared by hand. Totally clear. TheFreeDictionary defines homemade as made or prepared in the home or made by oneself. Hmm..it almost means the same. But I figured that most people are more excited with the word handmade jewelry rather than homemade jewelry. Probably it’s just a perception that homemade always relate to food, muffins, cupcakes, etc. But not to my surprise, it actually defines the same thing. You can call it whatever you want, handmade, homemade, crafter, artist, designer, creator, thinker etc but it really means the same.

    So I came to my own conclusion, that what you call it doesn’t really matter, but your intention does. Someone told me that, if you intend to sell, create what is valuable in material, utility, or originality. If you intend to use, create what meets a need, serves a function. If you intend to treasure, create what you love. Language is powerful, but the intention is even more. The artists’ intentions are defined by things they created. It is felt and experienced. It is real and requires no language to contain it.

    I guess that when people are promoting their handmade stuffs, it’s not just because handmade is a trend or cool, but the meaning of each items. I do believe every handmade item has its own meaning or an idea that the designer intend to convey. If you speak literally, there are differences in those two words but we speak with meanings, so there are similarities. Language is just a tool. In the end, people will value the meaning of the products, and not because it is handmade.

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