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    WE are happy you have found your way to our little humble shop. Each of these items you see here have been hand-crafted and designed by us. Love, smile and pain is the bond of SheDazzles that is made by the goldenly touch of an ARCHITECT, engineered multimedia motion by a design ENGINEER and together with the injections of never-ending supports of a DENTIST.Do check back from time to time for more unique designs & be sure to like our fanpage at SheDazzles if you get a chance!
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    Love what u do vs. Do what u love

    In my last post, I was mentioning about do what u love and love what u do. Not an easy topic to talk about but since I love philosophies so much, so lets try to define them. I think there is quite a big difference in those 2 phrases. As for me, I, during the day, when I’m at my fulltime job, I have to love what I do or I am loving what I do even though I don’t love it that much but I have to love what I do because if not, I will not enjoy my work. I think the second phrase is more on developing love in the things that you do. It does not necessarily things that you adore so much, like for an instance, u love singing and dancing so much, but does not mean that u have to become a singer. However, all of a sudden you just have the opportunity to become an actor. So u just go with the flow and see where it goes. See, got what I meant? Sounds complicated, huh?  

    Whereas, if you doing things that you love, I guarantee you will really put your most effort and passion in doing it. It may not be profitable or not having any advantages, but you just love doing it. That’s how I felt when designing charm bracelets. It’s a very rewarding feeling when people adore my designs.

    Ever since I started to bead, I finally find my true passion and it is really at the highest peak and I totally love the feeling. It’s not so much of the end product but the state that I go through when designing the charm bracelets, that’s the thing that I enjoy the most. Not that I hate architecture, in fact I’m so grateful that I took architecture because if it wasn’t for it, I will not be the person I am today. Most architects always have this pride perception over their designs and that’s how I feel about my jewelry line. Probably it’s because when you practice as architect, u will not really get to ‘practice’ your design because your boss controls everything from the layout design until the type of paper printing too!!

    But I have to admit sometimes I do feel like there is a clash of wanting and needing. I want to have my own arts and crafts shop but I need pratice as architect too. It is very conflictory. Sometimes I do feel like asking the future how’s it going to be so I can just hook up n wait for it to come. For the time being, I just go with the flow and pray that all my wishes come true…and yours too of course. Please pray for me for the best. I’m sure Allah has plans for me and He knows best.

    Last but not, least, it will definitely be a super duper bonus if u get to do what u love and love what u do. I hope that all of you get what u want and I wish good luck in whatever you do. Insyaallah. J

    Sisterly Love, 

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