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    WE are happy you have found your way to our little humble shop. Each of these items you see here have been hand-crafted and designed by us. Love, smile and pain is the bond of SheDazzles that is made by the goldenly touch of an ARCHITECT, engineered multimedia motion by a design ENGINEER and together with the injections of never-ending supports of a DENTIST.Do check back from time to time for more unique designs & be sure to like our fanpage at SheDazzles if you get a chance!
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    Up Close & Personal

    A very good friend told me that I should make this blog more up-close and personal, just like each of the bracelets stories. I have never really thought about it that way, but I’m sure she meant the best. Well here goes, my first attempt of making it up-close and personal.

                  I have had questions like why are you not having other types of jewelry line here too. I thought it’s a very easy question but hey, it really pulls the head out of me to think the most logical answer. It’s simply because I love charm bracelets very, very much. I think the word ‘charm’ itself tells the whole story, because it brings out the charm in you. I really adore the challenge of creating and designing very modern charm bracelets where a girl’s personality shines itself from within. I want people to see the persona, the aura that the charm bracelets has. Just like Vera Wang has said, ‘I want people to see the dress, but focus on the woman’.

                    But hey, its not that I discriminate other types of jewelry, its just that I love charm bracelets more. Perhaps in the future I will be designing charm necklaces or charm rings or charm earrings. The most important part here is, we don’t just sell a piece of bracelet that no thoughts has been put into it, and then just suddenly give a name of that so-called masterpiece. Like I have always said, every bracelet tells a story. So if you were a bracelet, which one you would be? That’s the difference between a normal bracelet and charm bracelets.

                  Last but not least, here in SheDazzles we don’t just offer u a piece of bracelet, but its more than that. It’s your charm. So enliven your aura and charms today by picking up which of these bracelets that suits your charms the most. On my next post I will talk about these more. So chillax! ;)

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    To design & To Create

    "The design is only the beginning. It is the final technical steps of the craftsmanship that truly unveils the essence of the design."

    This blog is dedicated for my passion to design & create ART JEWELRY. What started as a fascination with colour turned into an excitable obsession and addiction. Drawn heavily upon modern arts, particularly ARCHITECTURE of colours, textures & shapes - the work of SheDazzles strives to address true beauty, femininity, sensual WORKS OF ART.

    It is not just a piece of decoration that we wear everyday, but also a piece of art that is inspired by our nature & lives.


    This hobby blog is dedicated to my Mama who has been the most supportive person more than I can ever imagine.

    "My mother is the most beautiful woman I ever saw. All I am I owe to my Momma. I attribute all my success in life to the moral, intellectual and physical education I received from her. "